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Muhl Tech: Power Bag

The Muhl Tech Power Bag gives instant feedback with every swing. Common hitter faults such as poor hip rotation, casting or swinging around the ball, poor hand position (rolled wrist), barring the lead arm or lunging at the target will result in a weak hit and the bag will not move much.

If a hitter uses sound point of contact hitting mechanics as taught by most instructors, Bingo! The bag goes higher or all the way around. This visual and physical reward helps teach hitters how using good fundamentals leads to harder hit balls and helps the hitter develop the necessary strength to hit the ball with authority every time.

What’s It Made Of & What’s In the Box?

The Power Bag™ has a light foam center surrounded by a flexible, tear-resistant durable polyurethane coating.

It is soft enough to absorb bat impact and can be used with most any bat. Each unit comes complete including the top arm and u-bolts which can be mounted to a pole 3½“ diameter or smaller. The top arm can also be mounted to a wood surface using wood screws or bolts. The unit can be removed from the top arm for storage by simply removing a ring pin.

We recommend removing the bag from the outdoor elements when it will not be used for an extended period of time.

Ordering Recommendations

  • These bags are hand made, be aware weight may vary by up to one pound.

Large Power Bag – approx 9.5 lbs – 10″ diameter x 24″ long

Players over 180 lbs. Large High school and college baseball.

Medium Power Bag – approx 7.5 lbs – 7″ dia. x 24″ long

Players 110-200 lbs. Small High School baseball programs and HS/college fastpitch. We have had several HS fastpitch coaches inform us that by the end of their first year using this bag, 4-6 of their girls were hitting this bag all the way around. None were able to do this at the beginning of the year.

Junior Power Bag – around 5 lbs.- 7″ dia. x 12″ long

Most players 13 and under, 120 lbs and below. this bag is perfect for teaching the younger kids how good mechanics lead to more power.

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  1. Gramps

    Purchased the medium bag for my middle school aged grandson. It helped develop power in his hips and hands. You can see the ball jump of the bat now. I mounted it on the basketball hoop pole in the driveway that was already there. Works great!

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