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Pancake Training Glove: Colonial Baseball Instruction

Pancake Training Glove

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$ 54.95 $ 34.95

Muhl Tech Infield Training Glove, but more commonly known as the pancake glove, perfect for infielders to practice turning double plays.


The proper name for this glove is the Muhl Tech Infield Training Glove, but it’s more commonly known as the pancake training glove it’s flat surface forces the use of two hands and also to get the players hands out from the body.

It’s perfect for infielders to use during practice to turn double plays.

Constructed from 100% leather with rawhide lacing, and adjustable wrist strap helps to ensure the best fit for different hand sizes

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1 review for Pancake Training Glove

  1. Rocco

    I purchased 2 of these for my middle infielders and wow what a difference! Their hands are so much softer and quicker. the best part is that they now use 2 hands instead of stabbing at the ball with one.

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