Two Hands Pro

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Two Hands Pro, Inc. Training Tools

The Two Hands Pro Defensive Training Tool is a revolutionary baseball product. A simple device used to build proper muscle memory into the player learning or practicing to catch a thrown or batted ball. Once Two Hands Pro is inserted into a baseball or softball player’s glove, it forces the player to fundamentally use two hands to securely complete the catch. The reinforced tool will not allow the player to close the glove hand forcing the throwing hand to grab the ball in perfect glove to hand transition of the ball with no margin for error, or the ball pops out.

The THP defensive training tool drastically improves players’ fielding skills, transforming every level into a great defender. THP is used at every level of competition from Pros to little league. Top rated coaches use Two Hands Pro for defensive practice with their teams and programs.

Major league Scout Bill Bryk said “Two Hands Pro is a must have tool for every player.”


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