Louisville Slugger Backyard Pitcher

$ 129.99


Louisville Slugger Backyard Pitcher Pitching Machine. Weighing only 12 pounds it is extremely accurate and very affordable.

This is also an arm action machine and does not require electricity. This machine is easy to operate throwing real baseballs and up to 11 inch softballs at speeds between 15 and 30 miles per hour.

It is ideal for backyard use with even the youngest player. If you prefer, you can use any lightweight soft-type ball and achieve speed of up to 50 miles per hour.

  • Throws Real Baseballs & up to 11” Softballs between 15-30mph
  • Equivalent Speeds from 30ft of up to 60mph
  • Great for throwing both plastic and tennis balls to beginners
  • Completely Portable & Mechanical
  • No Need for Electricity or batteries
  • Use Indoors or Out
  • Very Accurate and Simple to Use
  • Easy Adjustments to throw ground balls and fly balls
  • New Balanced Design for even more consistent pitches

The Louisville Slugger Backyard Pitcher is great for consistent practice.


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