Ultra Instructo Swing Batting Tee

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$ 195.00

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  • Great for developing proper swing path to the ball
  • Unique angle adjustment feature a tee placements are designed to work with all major hitting philosophies
  • Portable
  • Use indoors or out
  • Instant feedback to batter on poor swings
  • Great for developing switch hitters


Louisville Slugger Ultra Instructo Swing batting tees were developed to help batters of all ages and skill levels practice and learn how to swing a bat correctly so as to produce line drives, hard ground balls, and fly balls that carry. The “New and Improved” angle adjustment feature and tee placements are designed to work with all the major hitting philosophies being taught today. The Ultra Instructo swing batting tee can be used by either right or left handed batters. The angle and height adjustment features were created so the player can practice the proper swing path by choosing a downward, level, or upward path to the ball from basically any pitch height. The patented rubber-coated good habit bars on the Ultra Instructo Swing batting tee help prevent casting, chopping, or uppercutting by supplying instant feedback to the batter on bad swings.

Free Shipping!

2 reviews for Ultra Instructo Swing Batting Tee

  1. Rocco

    picked up this one too…the good habit bars give unmistakable feedback. forget about the uppercut with this device…and it takes a beating.

  2. Metsfan

    A little bulky, but a must have for every youth program. Keeps my young players from upper cutting the ball.

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