Muhl Kicker Baseball Training Bat

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What is the Muhl Kicker?

The Muhl Kicker baseball training bat is a weighted training bat that can be used with regulation baseballs and softballs. It has a one inch steel barrel which is connected to a machined aluminum handle using our patented shock absorbing connection. It also has a sliding steel element in the barrel that that clicks or “kicks” when the bat head is extended to teach a short compact swing.

Weight & Balance of Kicker

Most of the weight is close to the grip to teach the hitter to be short to the ball. This avoids the loopy swing which the hands cast away from the body.

Redefine “Crush The Ball”

This is one of the best versatile baseball training bats out there. The Muhl Kicker’s one inch barrel requires a player to really zero in on the ball. Mentally, hitters become comfortable with a certain amount of success (any contact with the ball) when taking batting practice, eliminating much of that (normal) success with a small barrel will cause a hitter to make mental adjustments (more concentration) and physical adjustments (visual focus) to overcome that lack of “normal” success.

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1 review for Muhl Kicker Baseball Training Bat

  1. LLDad

    I purchased the smallest size for my players and it really taught them the idea of leading with the knob and whipping the hands at the correct time (when you hear the “click”). The best part is that you can hit real baseballs with it.

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