Muhl Tech Brush Top Batting Tee

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$ 79.95

Muhl Tech Brush Top Tee gives a clean “swish” through the ball, molded durable polyurethane stands up to rigorous batting practice, lasts 10 times longer.

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Muhl Tech: Brush Top Baseball Tee

Get a clean “swish” through the ball!

This extremely durable Brush Top Tee makes batting tee work more like hitting a ball suspended in the air.

The brush gives a clean “swish” through the ball and last up to 10 times longer than conventional rubber batting tees.

The Muhl Tech Brush Top batting tee is molded from durable polyurethane to stand up to the most rigorous batting practice sessions.

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2 reviews for Muhl Tech Brush Top Batting Tee

  1. Blanc

    I’ve hit a few home runs with this batting stnace but you have to get use to it because there are a lot of steps. Your feet have to be pointed towards the batters box directly not facing outwards that way you can move your hips more. Put 75% of your weight on the foot that’s facing the catcher so if your a righty your right foot needs the weight and if your a lefty put your weight on your left leg. Pull the bat as far back as you can that way you can get more speed on the ball.

  2. Fred

    Very long lasting, realistic feel, will last a long time even if the whole team uses it.

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