Tanner Hitting Deck

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  • Identifies proper placement of batting tee to practice hitting at different Contact Zones.
  • Visual aid to keep batter's stance correct by lining up with the Stride Guide
  • One product for both left and right side hitters
  • Great for indoor batting cages and hitting facilities with tee stations.
  • Great for ithe coach or individual
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The Tanner Hitting Deck is an innovative contact zone training tool that teaches a hitter how to conduct proper tee work. This mat illustrates where to set up in your stance at home plate and where to place your batting tee in relation to your stance. With emphasis on the contact zone and grooving his or her swing towards making contact in the correct place to drive the ball where it should be driven. For coaches, running a practice with Hitting Deck multiplies your ability to work with players. With a colorful visual system, young hitters absorb fundamental hitting concepts that they will use throughout their baseball and softball careers.

Composed of heavy duty neoprene and measures 59” x 24”, the Tanner Hitting Deck is a mat that fits between the batters boxes and serves as a visual aid to teach staple hitting concepts for amateur players.


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