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Launch Laserâ„¢ simplifies the process of getting into a good hitting position. The visual training device attaches to the knob of a bat and emits a laser beam onto the floor, giving the coach and hitter a visual reference as to where the hand positioning and bat angle need to be. Launch Laserâ„¢ is an inexpensive, fun and simple visual aid that helps instruct proper swing technique, builds muscle memory and provides instant feedback. Launch your game to the next level with the Launch Laser Visual Swing Trainer.

Provides instant visual feedback
Attaches to the knob of the bat
Helps build muscle memory

Launch Laser Visual Swing Trainer is a visual hitting aid that attaches to the knob of a baseball or softball bat. By projecting a laser as a reference point on the ground, it helps instruct the fundamentals of proper swing mechanics; which include loading the hands into a good launch position and tracking the swing path.


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