Baseball Coach Apps

My Coach: Baseball Instructor App

My Coach Baseball App Home ScreenI Developed this app to help youth baseball coaches, parent coaches and players understand the BASIC fundamental positions of baseball. It is also handy to have this app in your pocket to quickly link to the CBI website. Here you will find quick coaching resources like Drill Videos and articles for when you need tips, advise and guidance.

This is one of the only interactive baseball coach apps on the app store! It uses an image overlay in real time to help you get into specific fundamental positions throughout the swing, pitching motion, fielding motion and catcher stances. It will also help analyze your swing, pitching motion, fielding and catcher fundamentals to see where your player needs help.

My Coach Baseball Instructor app collage

If you ever have any questions on how to use this app, find a glitch or want to give feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Hudl Technique

I have used many of these slow mo analysis apps. This is by far the best one and the one I am currently using for my clients. The best part is that you can upgrade to a small charge to store videos in the cloud so that it does not take up much storage.

Coach My Video

Coach My Video
I used to use this app to video the pitching, hitting or fielding motion of players. You may have heard of “swing analysis” apps, well this is one of them.

Game Changer Score Keeping app

Gamechanger App
I started using this app on my iPad last spring to keep score and track stats for our varsity baseball team. It is the easiest way to keep score and the best part is, when you connect with WiFi (when coming off the field unless you have a mobile hotspot) you game is automatically uploaded to the gamechanger site. Login and voila…stats!