The Baseball Players’ Checklist: How to Increase Your Odds of Success

Baseball is a game of failure. We’ve all heard this.

Why use a Batting Tee, The Value of Hitting Off a Simple Training Aid

It’s that time of year where the weather is cold and you may be stuck in your garage finding a way to

Perfect-Tee Training Aid Review

What is it? Deyan Stojanovich sent me a couple Perfect Tee attachments to try in my camps and lessons. The attachment is pretty easy to

November – December Indoor Baseball Camps 2015

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The Top 5 Drills to Translate Baseball Hitting Drills from Practice to Games

Guest Post from Coach Kyle Nelson

Coaching Baseball: Swing XP Baseball Training Bats

There’s a new training aid on the market that I think will change the way many coaches and hitting instructors carry out batting practice and…

Coaching Baseball: How to Choose the Right Bat Size

I’m often asked by parents of youth baseball players how to choose the right bat size for my son. Working with so many

Coaching Baseball: Best Time To Fix My Swing

Are you happy with your swing? Are you getting the most out of your swing? Most of us baseball types will reply

Coaching Baseball: Correct Way To Hold A Baseball Bat

Did you ever hear a parent-coach say… “elbow up!”? Do I agree with that coaching advice…sort of.

Coaching Baseball: How to Improve Plate Coverage

What is Plate Coverage? Plate coverage pertains to how big your hitting zone is. Simply put, can you hit an inside pitch as well as the low/away pitch

Coaching Baseball: What is Swing Plane Part 2

Should I swing Level, swing down or have a slight upper cut? Part II In Part one, we talked about staying on plane

Coaching Baseball: What is Swing Plane? Part 1

Should I swing Level, swing down or have a slight upper cut? Part I You may have heard the coaching cues like “swing down”, “swing level”, “Finish high” and so on. What should you believe? What should you teach your kids? Well I am going to add one more cue…”Stay on plane”. It kind of […]