Coaching Baseball: Why Take Care of Your Glove?

Guest Post by John McHale, Owner of ProLace Gloves.

Why are the laces in my

glove constantly loose and breaking? This has to be the number one question we get asked when out doing shows. There are many reasons for this and we’ll cover some of the biggest ones in this blog.

Glove maintenance

We can’t emphasize how important it is for you to take care of your glove. Doing the small things like cleaning your glove up after a tournament, (wipe it down with a damp cloth to get the excess dirt off of it) lightly conditioning it every couple of games to keep the leather in top shape and placing it in a safe area where it won’t be damaged in the off season will make sure that your mitt is ready to go come spring when you start using it again.

Glove care

It’s a fact that once you start to use your new glove and break it in, the laces will begin to stretch and loosen. When you start to see this you need to get your glove to someone that knows how to tighten them like ProLace Gloves. For a small fee they will make sure the laces are tightened to the proper specs for your glove, thus reducing the chance for a “blowout” during the game. Remember, there’s nothing worse than knowing you are going back on the field with broken laces that could potentially cost you a game.

ProLace Gloves

Glove Luv

We know this sounds dumb, but again if you respect your glove, it will be around for many years of competition and you won’t have the hassle of breaking in new ones every two to three years.

Take the time coming off the field and place your glove finger tips down (Not on it’s side) to keep that pocket you worked so hard on when you made your purchase in the glove.

Don’t throw your glove around during practice. You wouldn’t toss your best friend around aver and over and expect them to hang around with you for very long. Don’t spit into your glove. (Pro’s can do this as they have contracts with large glove companies and own several gloves.) Spitting into the glove causes it to dry out after time and can crack the leather as well as make the laces fray and break.

Need your glove re-laced or re-conditioned?

Check out this sample from ProLace Gloves.

We know making a glove purchase can be an expensive and time consuming ordeal. If you take a minute and spend some time taking care of your purchase, you’ll have it around for many seasons and not have to worry about making that game winning play! If you ever need a baseball glove relacing service or glove repair, please feel free to contact us at or e-mail me at See you on the field!
John McHale
ProLace Gloves

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