November – December Indoor Baseball Camps 2015

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Most Common Baseball Weight Lifting Mistakes Players Make

Guest Post from Coach Kyle Nelson; Founder of Cornerstone Coaching Academy.

Baseball Head Injuries: Is There a Pitchers Helmet?

Over the past 2 years the life threatening word keeps popping up…the “Come-Backer”. Brandon McCarthy, Aroldis Chapman, Alex Cobb,

2015 Williamsburg Baseball EXPO

The Virginia Venom and Colonial Baseball Instruction presents the 4th annual 2015 Williamsburg Baseball EXPO Jan 25th, 10am-2pm. Join us at the new facility! Companies represented at the 2015 Williamsburg Baseball EXPO are… Swing XP, Louisville Slugger, Tanner Tees, Combat, Mizuno, Swing Kings, Easton, Rip-It Bats, Advocare, Disco Sports, Under Armour, Rev City Sports, Rawlings, […]

How to Run a Custom Apparel Shop for Your Team

Guest Post by Joel Samonie.

Coaching Baseball: Why Take Care of Your Glove?

Guest Post by John McHale, Owner of ProLace Gloves. Why are the laces in my

Arm Care for Baseball Players: Time to shut it Down!

It’s November, and you/your player has been throwing competitively since February…it’s time to

Tips for Moving from 60-90 Foot Bases

I work with many baseball players that are transitioning from the 60-90 foot bases

The Top 5 Drills to Translate Baseball Hitting Drills from Practice to Games

Guest Post from Coach Kyle Nelson

How to Successfully Deal with Sports Parents Behavior

Dealing with Parents: Practical Solutions to Common Problems Guest Post by Jim Harshaw.

Coaching Baseball: Pre-Pitch Routine on Defense

Have you ever thought about what your fielders should be doing between pitches? What should they be thinking?

Coaching Baseball: Pitching and Catching the Same Day?

I recently received an email from a parent that asked about his son playing pitcher and catcher on his travel team. This is a great topic to discuss because