High School Baseball Conditioning Program

I’ve been there before. It’s your responsibility to design and run an offseason weight training program for your high school baseball team. This takes a ton of time to administer the program but even more time to design it.

This Offseason Baseball Conditioning Program contains day-by-day workouts for the entire offseason for high school aged players and above.

This is a practical conditioning guide that has all you need to transform hard work in the weight room to performance on the baseball field. All materials are neatly organized for you, the coach, to carry out in the weight room.
Baseball Offseason Conditioning Program

Daily Workout Calendars

cca_baseball_conditioning_programOur program tells you exactly what workouts you should be doing on each day to keep your athletes safe from overtraining while ensuring maximum gains that will transfer to the baseball field. Perfect for High School coaches short on time.

What’s included in the complete baseball conditioning program?

  • Pre and Post testing sheets
  • Complete offseason calendar with daily workouts
  • Flexible workouts to give athletes choice and minimize the plateau effect
  • 20 weeks worth of workouts
  • A 7 day/ week calendar and a calendar specifically for high school programs
  • Use your iPad in the weight room
  • “Mental Toughness Challenge Days” to develop teamwork and competitiveness in your offseason program
  • Video of non-traditional or complex movements and exercises
  • Warm-up and Cool downs
  • Motivational quotes to post for your athletes
  • This program only requires a standard weight room, medicine balls, surgical tubing, and a BOSU ball (optional)
  • 60 day money back satisfaction garauntee
  • Unlimited email consultation to help with the implementation of the program
  • Easy to adapt to individualized use

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Baseball Offseason Conditioning Program


Baseball Conditioning Program


In conclusion…

This is a great way to prepare your players for the spring without wasting a ton of valuable time designing, preparing and administering. With this program you can spend more time working with your baseball players in the weight room.

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