Two Hands Pro Fielding Training Aid Product Review

THP FieldingTwo Hands Pro

Fielding Training Aid Review

I found the best fielding training aid!

I stumbled upon this fielding training aid on Facebook of all places…clicked through to the website and I was immediately hooked. I had to have one.

It just seems so simple, it’s a must have for your baseball bag.

The two hands pro solves two needs:

1. Used as a training aid to make a player use two hands and break the habit of stabbing at the ball with one hand.
2. It’s also used to keep your glove from becoming a pancake and losing its pocket when tossed into your bat bag.

Two Hand Fielding Trainer

THPThe Two Hands Pro is a fielding and catching training tool that inserts into the palm area of the player’s glove restricting it from closing. It makes the player to use two hands to catch a ground ball or a ball thrown to him.

The THP also helps with practicing ever-important transition from catching the ball to getting it in the throwing hand. If you are not nearly perfect with your timing or you do not square up with the ball, you tend to drop the ball.

Practice for a short while with the THP then take it out of your glove and you will see a huge difference in your technique and success rate.

My Experience


Youth Player Using Two Hand ProI’ve used this product with numerous players from beginner to advanced and had incredible results. I used this fielding training aid with an 8 year old (above) that was having problem catching a slowly thrown ball from 10 feet. After just two sessions, we were able to play catch from 40’ without any problem. He was even fielding ground balls with excellent form and confidence!

Two Hands Pro is great for practicing because it provides immediate feedback when the player does not use two hands as suppose to.

Two Hands Pro help good players easily reinforce and practice the fundamentals without thinking about it. Two Hands Pro is the easiest way to get rid of those bad habits during games and practice is to use Two Hands Pro regularly until the player has the technique and timing down.

Two Hands Pro will expose the lazy player or player lacking effort and help them learn or understand how to catch the ball.  Two Hands Pro is really fun and challenging.  The fundamentals are the same, square up the ball and use two hands!


The THP can be used to keep your glove from becoming a pancake and losing its pocket when tossed into your bat bag.

Where Can I purchase some?

Click HERE!


I called the number on the website and spoke the the THP inventor and founder, DJ. He had a compelling story about how he came about inventing this product. It involved him using his dad’s old floppy glove when he was younger. He went on to say that he used to put sticks in the glove to add rigidity to make his glove more usable. This was the start of what was developed in today’s final version.

DJ immediately comes across as a passionate baseball coach that found a way to help baseball players get their game to the next level.

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