Coaching Baseball: The Best Batting Tees

What are the best baseball batting tees?

This is a breakdown of, what I believe to be the best batting tees on the market….The Tanner Tee and the Advanced Skills Tee (AST) by Muhl Tech.

Tanner Tees


Tanner Tee

Tanner Tee

  • Ultra durable. I purchased 3 Tanner Tees for my program over 5 years ago and they are still going strong. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy one of those $35 black rubber tees from the big box stores. You will break it after your first practice. The Tanner tee has a thin rubber cone that is sturdy enough to hold a baseball yet it is flexible enough to bend or fold over when hit.
  • Also, this tee can be set very low as well as very high to accommodate many tee drills unlike the rubber ones.
  • The base unscrews and it can be placed comfortably in any bat-bag or even your ball bucket.
  • Use multiple tees for innovative hitting drills as well as defense drills.
  • You will not find the Tanner Tee in any big box store, rather sites like mine and smaller sporting goods stores…as they try to keep price as low as possible.  They are are a family run business and you can read their interesting story HERE.

Tanner Tees run about $79 today…well worth the investment.  If you go to any college camp or respectable HS baseball program, they will have a few of these tees.  There are copy-cat tees out there but don’t bother…if you want this type of tee, get the tanner tee.  CBI is lucky enough to carry Tanner Tees in our online Baseball Gear store.  We only carry baseball training aids that we truly believe in. Here is my video review of the Tanner Tee.


There are none!

Advanced Skills Tee by Muhl Tech

Advanced Skills Batting Tee
I use this tee with most youth hitters when doing lessons and clinics. Have you ever heard the analogy comparing the swing bat path to landing an air plane? Well think about it…the bat should follow the the path of gradually going down to the runway, then stays level down along the runway. Some coaches will use the phrase “short to…long through”. Well the Advanced Skills Batting Tee will make the hitter follow that bat path or he will hit the flat part of the tee giving him immediate feedback. After a few swings with this tee, he will flatten out the path of his swing.

What’s that red arm sticking up off the side of the tee you ask? Well it helps to keep the hitter’s hands inside the ball. If your hands “cast” outward away from your body, the bat will hit the arm giving the hitter audible feedback. This tee really makes the hitter have a compact level swing.

Durability: The Advanced Skills Tee is made of a very durable plastic that will not break. To be one of the best batting tees, the training aid must be durable. The one that I have is going on 3 years now and had thousands of swings taken off it and there is absolutely no damage to it.

Stay on plane…

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