Perfect-Tee Training Aid Review

What is it?

Deyan Stojanovich sent me a couple Perfect Tee attachments to try in my camps and lessons. The attachment is pretty easy to

install, light weight and is not expensive. It can be attached to most batting tees.

Why use it?

When attached to a standard batting tee like the Tanner Tee (seen in the video), it really forces the hitter to swing “down to and long through” the ball. If that is your teaching philosophy then this attachment is perfect for you. If your hands drop or drag your bat at all, you will make contact with the foam barrier.

My experience…

I used the Perfect Tee in a couple of my youth baseball camps with some success. It had some success but with some hitters, they just couldn’t make the necessary adjustment to stop hitting the lead foam ramp. I think the downward angle may be a little steep. But I like the idea of “over-emphasizing” a movement to get the point across to a hitter so they can feel what needs to be changed. If we had more one-on-one time with the individual hitter, I think it would be a great tool to force them to change their swing plane.


Not a bat training aid to have as an instructor or coach. Its only $24.99 and if anything its a great visual to use when talking about swing plane.

How to get yours…
You can get yours at
CBI readers will get a special promo of 10% off your purchase when you use code “CBI10”.

Stay on plane…

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