Coaching Baseball: Swing XP Baseball Training Bats

There’s a new training aid on the market that I think will change the way many coaches and hitting instructors carry out batting practice and…swing training. It’s called the Swing XP and was launched this winter at the Mohegan Sun World Baseball Coaches Convention. I need to get the word out about this special training aid and I’ll explain why.

A well respected baseball coach and friend of mine demoed and purchased a few of these for his baseball programs. He said he was totally sold on the weighted handle and how it promoted proper inside swing mechanics. I spoke with the owners of the company and invited them down to our annual Williamsburg Baseball EXPO. They were a huge hit with our youth baseball players, parents and local coaches selling over 30 training bats in just a few short hours.

After taking a few swings with the Swing XP in the cages, I was totally sold too! I swung both the 32″ Swing XP Power 50 and the 34″ Swing XP Power 60 and was amazed at how the bat kept my hands and upper body working together to get to the right contact position without premature extension. Not only that but the speed and control of the bat I had made me feel invincible in the cage.

Check out their product video to see it in action!

Swing XP Baseball Training Bats

Elementary and Middle School Level Experience

I decided to pick up a few to use with my High School team, one on one lessons and camps. I had 38 kids in 2 camp sessions, age ranges 9-13 years old the following week. During our hitting phase of both camps, my station used the Power 40 Swing XP. I had each camper hit 3 off the tee with the XP, 3 with their bat, then 3 front toss with the XP and finish with their own bat. You should have seen their eyes light up with the empowerment seeing the immediate results with a 40 oz bat! Our focus that day in camp was to get the proper load position and stay inside the ball without letting the hands push away from the body. We had awesome results. Many of the kids asked if they could swing this bat in a real game.

I then did a private lesson after the camp with an 8 year old. He is usually very fidgety and will move his feet all over the place when he hits. For some reason, (must be the added weight) his feet settled down and he had a more balanced and athletic stance…He finally hit line drives up the middle!

High School Level Experience

I’m really impressed. I started to use the Swing XP baseball training bats with my high school teams this Spring. I can’t wait to see results in the weeks to come. One of my seniors said “I’ve always been taught to keep my hands inside the ball but with this bat I can actually feel where my hands should be.”

3 of My Favorite Tee Drills Using the Swing XP

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